Organic Facials


The Method

Saurabh’s organic facials firm up facial muscles and introduce younger looking skin. Super charged application of Vitamins fruit acids and antioxidants finishes off this spectacular facial, leaving you with a baby like skin that is smooth to the touch, hydrated and radiant. 

This special facial treatment removes spots and blemishes, stimulates growth factors to improve skin texture. With this treatment you can breathe new life into skin and help your body replace damaged cells with more youthful looking skin cells. 

This treatment stimulates collagen production, re-balances pigment regulation and revives the skin's hydration process. An improvement of skin density decreases any kind of sagging and increase firmness around the eye area. 

Also available plant based body wraps for weigh loss and Anti-aging. 


All ingredients are fresh, raw, exotic and sourced from organic sources and country of origin.
Volcanic lava from Sumatra, Nile River Clay from Egypt, Seaweed extract, Rice bran and Nattō from Japan, Dried rose petals, Herbs & Neem extracts from Himalayas, Dead sea mud from Israel, Sea salt from Greece, Bamboo sap from Indonesia, Ginseng Root Extract from Tibet, energizing enzyme packs and Active Algae extracts from the Atlantic ocean to name a few. 

Treatment Flow

Step 1 

Deep Cleanse & Detox 

Step 2

Plant Microdermabrasion 

Step 3

Extractions & Brighten

Step 4


Step 5

Drainage & Cold therapy 

Step 6 

Pressure points & Face Contouring 


"The best facial of my life today."

- Rachita Doshi, Mumbai 

"I see results instantly and skin got better and better after 4-5 days. The products Saurabh uses are of the highest quality."

- Lauren H, Paris

"After Saurabh's facial treatment my skin feels soft like a baby skin. The facial made me look years younger. I'm in love with my new looks" 

- Theresa Graham, Auckland.

"Stunning facial treatment. The natural plant extracts Saurabh brings are so exotic and fresh. My skin feels great after his facial treatment. It has drastically improved the quality of my skin."

- Rachel G., New York 


You do home visits?


What preparations do I need?

Saurabh brings all the ingredients needed for the treatment. However he would require a litre of hot water in a bowl to use during the treatment.