Restorative Bodywork

This is a restorative and intensely detoxifying session that offers proven results that leaves the vital organs open and at their best performance. It offers tremendous benefits to the mind, body, skin and immune system. The session softens tension- locked areas of the body and offers long term benefits and pain relief. 

The treatment boosts fat metabolism, improves circulation to the skin, and stimulates the nervous system. 

This treatment gives the skin a healthier, younger look by opening up the blood circulation, and revitalises the digestive system.


Organic Facial

Signature Sculpt organic facials firm up facial muscles and introduce younger looking skin. Super charged application of Vitamins fruit acids and antioxidants finishes off this spectacular facial, leaving you with a baby like skin that is smooth to the touch, hydrated and radiant. 

This special facial treatment removes spots and blemishes, stimulates growth factors to improve skin texture. With this treatment you can breathe new life into skin and help your body replace damaged cells with more youthful looking skin cells. 

This treatment stimulates collagen production, re-balances pigment regulation and revives the skin's hydration process. 


Ayurvedic Cooking

AYURVEDA, a holistic medicine practice from India, is a way of life. According to Ayurveda your food is your medicine. In this program Saurabh teaches the basic principles of Ayurvedic cooking in a live cooking session. Living an Ayurvedic life is all about balance, and there are several ways to practice this through cooking. The program starts with health assessment of the participants. Saurabh teaches you to do easy, basic cooking and making blends that makes ayurvedic cooking easy for everyone. It’s important to prepare the foods that suits in a way that doesn’t destroy its prana- life. Using certain spices in a right balance makes the food anti- inflammatory in nature. 

About Saurabh

Saurabh Gupta


Saurabh Gupta a healthcare expert, wellness researcher from India. He qualifies as a Graduate in Life Sciences and received his Masters degree in Natural Medicine. He has had international work experience in the fields of healthcare. Globally, he has helped thousands of patients in restoring their health. 

Saurabh also teaches natural medicine in healthcare institutes around the world.


Saurabh has built integral relationships with his clientele in India and all over the world. His most noted client is HH The Dalai Lama. Saurabh has has been working with HH The Dalai Lama for last 6 years. 

His long-term clients are successful people for whom a state of wellbeing is a priority. He has worked with likes of Will Smith, Former World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Lennox Lewis, Musician Bob Marley’s son and entrepreneur Rohan Marley, Bollywood and Hollywood actors and International models. 

Get a more youthful look!

Saurabh will help you with oriental restorative bodywork that boosts immunity, balance functions of vital organs
You can also enjoy the whole new generation facials using Signature Sculpt  technique and 100% natural and organic active ingredients, not packaged products. The skin gets stronger and more youthful. 

The Technique


The Method

Saurabh believes that because each person has a unique body, set of life experiences, stressors and energies that each human requires a bespoke wellness strategy for their body and skin and this is where his method has been very successful.  


Your body is a wonderland!

Signature Sculpt method is based on is a self-care system of natural therapies which helps clients restore health and wellness by working with the innate curative powers of the human body. This method uses forms of healing which take into consideration the whole person, the mind, body, and emotions and by bringing balance and harmony to life. 


The Ingredients for the Organic Facials

All ingredients are fresh, raw, exotic and sourced from organic sources and country of origin.
Volcanic lava from Sumatra, Nile River Clay from Egypt, Seaweed extract, Rice bran and Nattō from Japan, Dried rose petals, Herbs & Neem extracts from Himalayas, Dead sea mud from Israel, Sea salt from Greece, Bamboo sap from Indonesia, Ginseng Root Extract from Tibet, energizing enzyme packs and Active Algae extracts from the Atlantic ocean to name a few. 

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